LEOs® - Linux Embedded Operating System

LEOs® is Empower Embedded Engineering’s home brew Linux-based embedded operating system.

Development Platform

Empower Embedded Engineering development platform provides hardware and software design and development tools to fast track product development cycle.

Empower Embedded Engineering

Innovative advance embedded technologies that encompass both embedded software and hardware know how to create the best embedded solution

Engineering Services

Provides complete engineering and system development services to allow clients to avoid the costly time consuming product development process. Have FPGA, DSP, MCU/NPU and Device Drivers programming expertise in-house. Hardware and application software design, prototyping and production services are available.

Embedded Software and Hardware

Provides high performance embedded computer and extremely powerful Linux based embedded operating software call “LEOs”. Empower sells hardware and software development platforms and engineer design and programming tools.

OEM/ODM Contract Manufacturing

Clients with their own products or used Empower to design their products can also have Empower Embedded Engineering to be their contract manufacturer to produce their products ready for store shelves.